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Including the moon and major asteroids*

*Not really. But we’ve got Earth covered.

Your tasks:
1. Fill out the form on the left,
2. Pay the price of the toys with your bank card,
3. YOU ARE FINISHED, we deliver the goods!


We do not know and do not store your bank card data. Your bank card data which you specified here are forwarded to the bank branch through an encrypted channel. The online bank card payment is as safe as you would make purchase in a shop.


The internationally recognized and super safe Braintree is responsible for the payment. Not only we are choosing Braintree, but also other famous companies choose it with billions cash flow, as Uber, AirBNB or GitHub.


If any question arises for which you did not find an answer on this site, then feel free to write us an e-mail to hello@birdflow.org e-mail address, and we will be happy to help you within 24 hours.

Yes, we have only bank card payment. We cannot mail to abroad with cash on delivery service. Bank card payment is fast, convenient and traceable; therefore, it is more and more common.
Certainly! After placing your order, you will get a VAT invoice to your data given during ordering within 10 minutes.

Help for bank card payment:

Your bank card consists of 12-19 number, you can find it in such a location as shown in the above illustrated example. The expiry is usually located on your card with a “Valid thru 01/17” marking. In the expiry date, the first two number represent the month, and the other two number show the year. In the order form, please write the year in a four-digit format (e.g..: 2017)

Your bank card’s CVV code is located on the back of your card, and it consists of only three digits. Usually it is located inside a small white rectangle.

3 brutally honest reason why you should not “fear” from online card payment:

3 Logic Reasons…

1. Chargeback option

Every bank has a “chargeback” right 24-48 hours after the charging. If you see unauthorized charges on your account, you can just indicate it to your bank, and they will immediately chargeback the amount to your card.

2. You do not write your card number on our website

You do not actually write your bank card data on our website, but on Braintree website. If you look at the source code of the order form, you will see, that Braintree’s website is called by iframe technology, and you give your bank card data directly to them. Safety is first, and we do not see, do not store and do not know your bank card data. They are immediately transferred to Braintree owned by PayPal – in safe!

3. PCI DSS requirements complete

Security Metrics is an American company, who are specialized to classify bank card payment systems from a safety point of view. According to the company’s classification, we comply with PCI DSS standard, so we can accept bank cards on our website. PCI DSS is a data security standard created by the major bank card companies (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Discovery), which is designed to substantially reduce the possibility of bank card abuse.
Anyone who provides bank card payment should comply with this standard.

2 “Human” Reasons…

4. Consulting company = credit and trust

We are basically a consulting company, so your trust is the most important. The highest value for our company if you trust in us. So, we would be stupid to forfeit this trust, think about it: after this how could we stand up on a stage? How would other professionals recommend us if there were a tiny suspicion against us?

5. The name of PayPal is guarantee

Our payment service is Braintree which is owned by PayPal. PayPal is the oldest company providing online bank card payments in the world (as we know). Such companies are using Braintree like AirBnB, Uber, GitHub. In Hungary, there is a good chance that soon marketing softwares (Mail Master/Sales Autopilot) will be using Braintree for managing their payments as well.



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